What to Expect At Your First Dance Lesson!

Whether you’re learning some new moves for the first dance at your wedding or hoping to drop a few pounds before swimsuit season arrives, your first dance lesson can be a lot to handle.

Knowing what to expect during your lesson will help you stay focused and be ready to hit the dance floor. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, our instructors will tell you about the first dance you are learning and show you how it’s done. Then it will be time for you to get your toes tapping. Don’t worry if you have trouble mastering the dance right away. With patience and practice, you’ll see amazing improvements!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends taking steps to prepare for your first lesson to ensure you make the most of your time in the studio.

Wear the Right Clothes

Make comfort a top priority. Save the tight leotards and feathery costumes for another day. Dress in loose-fitting clothes that won’t hamper movement. It’s likely you will work up a sweat at your dance lesson, so donning light, breathable fabrics is your best bet.

Focus on Footwear

Wear comfortable shoes that provide adequate support. If sneakers feel too3 clunky, consider wearing a shoe with a low heel. Ballet heels offer flexibility and are designed to slide without slipping to reduce the chance of injury.

Gather Some Supplies

Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends bringing a small, exercise towel and refillable water bottle to your lesson. Staying hydrated will help you keep your energy level up and improve your concentration. Some of our students also bring a small notebook to take notes on dance moves so they can practice at home.

Be On Time

Your instructors time is valuable, so please take advantage of it! Showing up on time will ensure you are able to make the most of your lesson. Plus in larger classes, arriving late can disrupt the teaching process and be a distraction for your fellow students. If you miss the pre-lesson stretch, your chances of pulling a muscle or spraining your ankle will be higher!

Have Fun!

Remember, the best way to learn to dance is to have fun. Our dance instructors don’t expect you to be experts at your first lesson and they know it will take time and practice to learn the steps. Be patient, keep smiling, and enjoy your time at Fred Astaire Dance Studios! If you get frustrated after your first lesson, don’t give up. Remind yourself that practice makes perfect!

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